Debunking mobile myths

Top 8 Mobile Myths Holding you back

In the new and complex world of apps, mobile myths have stood out since the beginning. Like any myth, mobile myths often restrict app developers from utilizing their full potential. Before you begin creating your app, take a look at these mobile myths and begin creating the best app for your business.

1. Downloads are the Benchmark for Success

Having high downloads is a mobile myth

Having high downloads is a mobile myth

Downloads are good, yes. Users returning to use your app is even better. When developing your app, one must figure out how to get users initially and then keep them around. An app can have thousands of downloads, but it really doesn’t mean anything unless users are utilizing the app. Active users is a better metric to gauge how your app is performing on the marketplace.

2. Monthly Active Users are a Pointless Statistic

importance of user engagement

importance of user engagement

Wrong. As I stated before, this mobile myth only measures the download, not users running the app. The user can visit your app once and never return or even worse, delete your app. Barely any revenue will be generated from these one time users. Instead, focus around content and design that will keep users engaged throughout their visit.

3. Everything must be Simplified

Have an app that is user friendly. An overly simplified app has little features, proving this is along the list of mobile myths. Finding a healthy balance between a complex app that is user friendly will keep users around. Clarity throughout the app will lead to happy users who can accomplish their goals of your app. Your MAU count has the best opportunity to rise the more users stick around and the more revenue your app will generate.

4. Prioritize Design Over Content

Content will always win over design which is why this landed on the list of mobile myths. Obviously there are terrible designs that will deter users. Prioritize content over design in most cases. Users will be happier with great content.

5. Mobile Apps Should Have Less Content than Desktop Apps

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I wish this app could do more.” Everyone thinks less is more with mobile apps. Users are using their mobile devices more and more everyday, expecting them to control half their life. The more features they have, the more the users will benefit. Don’t confuse this with throwing everything into your app. Remember to strive for clarity throughout your app.

6. Have a Mobile App or Mobile Website, Not Both

Why not both? An app is simply that, an app. Having a website for the user to refer back to can help keep your app clutter free. When designing the app, you can focus on content rather than trying to answer questions. Let your users accomplish their goals in the app and have the website as a backbone for your app.

7. Mobile Apps are a Quick Way to Make Money

Debunking mobile myths

Debunking mobile myths

Sure a few oddball apps have made thousands in a few days. The average app for a company can cost thousands. Some apps might not even see the light of day.

8. Your Job is Done Once the App is Out

After the initial investment, you have to keep the app running. This means updates for designs, requests from users for improvements, or any bug issues. The money may come quick, but keeping an app alive is much more work. Debunk this mobile myth and get to work building your app into something great!

 Want more Mobile Myths?

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