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As the digital marketing sector continues to expand, there are more companies vying for your business than ever before. You may have come across the larger enterprises that are result-oriented yet compromise quality at the expense of speed. Conversely, the smaller firms may not have the same level of efficiency but take their time fine tuning a strategy to your exact specifications. At Infobay Web Marketing, we believe the ideal company is one which strikes a happy balance between the two.

Instead of an enterprise-sized corporation that administers a one-size-fits-all marketing solution, business owners need a company whose size more closely resembles their own and values their needs and desires to be unique. They also need a company who’s committed to communication and has the same high-level standards for quality as they do.

Our team realized early on that these qualities were impossible to find at large corporations or outsourcing firms, so they started their own; A smaller business that provides a more personal touch and focuses on delivering real, tangible results in areas including conversion rate optimization, landing page optimization, web analytics consulting, and more!

Our Value System

At Infobay Web Marketing, we work towards one unilateral vision:

“To help our clients meet their business goals and gain a competitive advantage by delivering superior marketing solutions in an efficient and cost-effective manner.”

This is how we do it:

    • Client-focused: Above all else, we’re dedicated to client satisfaction and delivering precisely the results we promise. That means maximizing your site’s traffic through enhanced interface structure, improved web content, and a thorough audit process.
    • Unwavering quality: By following advanced marketing practices, no detail goes overlooked, giving you the highest quality product possible.
    • Strict standards: We take security and privacy very seriously. We go above and beyond mandated requirements to ensure nothing happens to companies personal information or data.
    • Latest technologies: We don’t deal with out-of-date tools, even if it would mean saving a few dollars on our end. We buy and use the best of the best and your end product reflects that.
  • Creative expression: Successful marketing takes a combination of refined skills and the ability to think outside of the box.
  • Excellent ROI: Time and again, our clients choose us over our competitors because of substantial results. In many cases, a 200% increase in conversion rates which equates to an excellent return on investment for your bottom line.

What Sets Us Apart

If you’re in search of a digital marketing agency that offers cutting edge solutions, prioritizes your satisfaction above all else, and is dedicated to tangible results, look no further. Infobay Web Marketing has a team of conversion rate and analytics experts that will take your business to the next level.

Our Team

Vishal Rai, CEO

vishal ray malikAs the CEO of Infobay Web Marketing, Vishal has over eight years of experience in the tech industry and digital marketing realm. Through his concentrated efforts and steadfast business acumen, Vishal has provided  tangible marketing results for a variety of clients ranging in size from startups to large enterprises.

Vishal is an expert in areas such as SEO, PPC management, eCommerce, Google Analytics and overall site optimization. He has ranked hundreds of keywords in Google for clients in the legal industry, resulting in up to 10-fold increase in monthly traffic and leads.

As a leader, Vishal is able to leverage his management skills in a multi-functional approach to maximize efficiency and  client satisfaction.  He holds a master’s degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Central Florida and is passionate about educating others in this ever-growing industry. You can read more of his insights on ConversionLink.com where he addresses the most effect CRO strategies, tips and advice!

Sabrina Saada, Director, Marketing

Sabrina is the Senior Editorial & Content Marketing Manager at Infobay Web Marketing. She heads the development and management of all client-related content. Holding dual degrees in multimedia communications and business administration, Sabrina has exceptional attention to detail and a fervor for online marketing.

She believes that in order to have an effective online marketing strategy, businesses need to publish content that is not only consistent with their brand but in alignment with the best (and ever-changing) SEO practices!

In addition to SEO, Sabrina has in-depth knowledge of conversion rate optimization, Google keyword research as well as social media. Prior to joining Infobay, Sabrina was a content writer for a number of other finance and business publications.

Carlos Rivera, Senior Content Manager

Carlos RiveraCarlos is the Senior Content Marketing Manager at Infobay Web Marketing. He assesses marketing potential and creates client-focused web content. Though his background is in linguistics, he has used his knowledge of language and his love for writing to fuel his career and help him excel at his job.

Carlos subscribes to the idea that the best web marketing strategies combine subtle SEO techniques with genuine and quality content. When people like what they read, search engines will notice. Before joining Infobay, Carlos worked as a social media specialist and digital copywriter for a local marketing firm.

Alexia Armbrister, Digital Marketing Analyst

alexiaAlexia is a digital marketing analyst at Infobay Web Marketing.

Alexia works on a wide range of digital marketing and search engine optimization activities including keyword research, on page and off page optimization, social media outreach, and content strategies. Prior to joining Infobay, Alexia worked closely with boutique hotels to successfully revamp their out of date marketing strategies and social media efforts leading to organic results.

Alexia takes a lot of pride in producing high-quality work and continues to seize the opportunity to gain knowledge and work with a diverse group of clients in her digital marketing career.

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