Ethical SEO Strategies Driving Long-Term Growth

ROI-Driven SEO for Lawyers

Our law firm SEO marketing experts have a deep understanding of the legal industry, which means we target more profitable keyword phrases on both a local and national level. In turn, these highly targeted keywords direct more profitable clients to your law practice who are serious about retaining an attorney.

SEO is a constantly evolving field which means what’s working for your firm today may not work tomorrow. Our professionals have solid experience with advanced SEO concepts such as Schema Markup, LSI Keywords, Influencer Outreach, Deep internal linking, Site Performance Improvement etc. We are well equipped to adapt to the ever-changing search engine optimization field.

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Search engine optimization is all about getting a leg up on your competition. Many SEO agencies take on loads of clients, often competing in the same industry. As part of our high ethical standards we boast exclusive contracts for law firms in direct competition with one another. That means only one client per practice area per city for advanced law firm SEO services.

We can’t carryout an effective marketing campaign unless we’re on the same page. When you hire Infobay Web Marketing to fulfill your marketing needs, you gain the combined efforts of SEO specialists, graphic designers, programmers, and inbound marketing consultants.

All of our efforts are governed by one goal: make you more money by maximizing the number of conversions on your website.

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What You Can Expect

At Infobay Web Marketing we pride ourselves on offering the best search engine optimization services for law firms. Our Attorney SEO strategies are built around innovative Content Marketing, ensuring that you’ll retain your rankings with search engine algorithm updates. Our consistent results indicate a level of proficiency unparalleled in the industry.

  • Constantly Evolving Ethical SEO Strategies

    To stay ahead of trends we are constantly expanding the tools at our disposal and innovating new content marketing ideas. Not many other agencies put that type of effort in.

  • Custom Marketing Approach to Build Your Unique Brand

    By working alongside your law firm, we can address your marketing needs both on and offline. Search engine optimization can have a powerful effect on your brand but it takes cooperation from both sides to get there.


    We scour the web to cover everything from technical analysis to consumer understanding and content creation. You can trust that you’re in competent hands with our marketing experts.

  • Clear Upfront Pricing with No Surprises!

    No one likes unexpected fees which is why we make out pricing clear directly upfront. We pride ourselves on offering transparency from top to bottom.

Ready to take your Law Firm’s Revenues to the NEXT LEVEL?

Key Benefits of Our Law Firm SEO Services

Law Firm SEO Experts

Our consultants take an ethical approach to SEO with an eye to long-term rankings and boosting your ROI. While there is no magic formula when it comes to SEO, our team possesses the creativity, legal marketing experience and skills required to succeed and has the results to prove it.

Real-Time ROI Reporting

Our SEO efforts are centered around one goal – to make your law firm more money. While your rankings will likely increase too, our main focus is to deliver qualified leads. To that end, our real-time reports show your average Cost per Lead (CPL) and Markting ROI.

Highly Targeted Leads

Using our many years of experience, we create highly targeted SEO campaigns focused on keywords that convert better and lead to more profitable clients. That, combined with high-converting attorney websites we build, helps our law firm clients increase their revenues.

Content Marketing Driven SEO

We help law firms establish trust with their clients through effective use of content marketing. Our content writers have deep experience in engaging web copy and visual media. We constantly evaluate how current strategies are performing and make necessary changes.

Conversion-Focused Lawyer SEO Marketing

We are laser-focused on improving your firm’s conversions. In order to do so we’ll first need to know what drives your visitors. For that reason, we base our SEO strategies off of concrete data, intensive A/B testing and scientific research; not subjective opinions or intuition.

The road to long-term success starts with identifying your cost per lead. Our comprehensive lead tracking system allow us to do just that. We work relentlessly to lower your client acquisition costs and allocate your budget to the most profitable channels. Makes sense? We keep track of every cent in our marketing campaigns to ensure you’re getting the greatest bang for your buck.

Content Marketing Based Attorney SEO for Long-Term Rankings

It’s one thing to rank for a particular keyword but it’s another to remain at the top. Effective marketing takes constant attention. Adopting a set-in-and-forget-it attitude, like many other agencies do, offers strictly one time results and no continued growth.

We frequently conduct tests and evaluate how current strategies are performing. By doing so, we’re able to make the necessary changes without exhausting your marketing budget.

Advanced Conversion Tracking for ROI Measurement

Our advanced web and call tracking technology allows us to identify new client leads and the conversion paths they take. With traditional marketing channels it’s often difficult to measure client acquisitions and determine what results in the highest conversion rates.

At Infobay Web Marketing, our SEO for law firms services cut out all the confusion and deliver tangible client leads measures–not just clicks or rankings.

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