Cloud Computing jobs

Cloud Computing Jobs on the Rise

The Cloud Computing industry has increased dramatically in recent years causing a high demand for tech savvy workers. Forbes noted in a recent article that, a leading tech employment site, has acquired almost 5,000 cloud computing job postings from companies. Especially now, according to Cisco, that about two-thirds of all traffic is advancing systems towards the cloud. However, the high demand has not deterred recruiters from selecting just anyone. Recruiters are looking for very specific qualities.

Cloud Computing recruiters are looking for highly-skilled workers who have a thorough knowledge of the following:

  • Linux Operating System
  • Chef
  • Puppet
  • SaaS Programming
  • Python
  • Perl
  • DevOps
  • Shell Scripting
  • Ruby on Rails

Top skills for landing a cloud computing job:

  • Software-Defined Technologies (SDN): SDN aims to utilize cloud computing and distinguish a communication channel to interact efficiently with the data center, user, and cloud layer. SDN also works to improve the network, computing, data storage, and security aspects. Applicants must have an understanding of the architectural infrastructure to assist in optimization for a company.
  • Cloud APIs: Cloud APIs are platforms that join the cloud models. APIs assist the cloud in becoming more organized, controlled, and accessible. Applicants should have a comprehension of  Cloud Stacking and the Eucalyptus cloud. These systems provide companies with an enhanced visibility of data transfer among various locations.Cloud Computers are expected to grasp how APIs function and how to utilize them to better current processes of the cloud.
  • Fog Computing: Fog computing is essentially fast delivery of massive amounts of content to the user. This process would contribute to current streaming and data analytics.  Administers would have the capability to monitor specific delivery processes. Fog computing has already mastered the ability to adjust how the user interacts with the data and how the data is processed

These systems are trending this year around the Cloud Computing market, which makes the knowledgeable applicant extremely valuable.  Eventually all cloud architects and engineers will have to embrace the new systems, it’s just a matter of time. Cloud Computing Recruiters are also taking an in-depth view of potential candidates through a specialized web application that integrates all social networks, published words, discussion boards, and technical experience of the potential candidate.

With the increased rate of users and data added to cloud based systems, progress will continue to occur. Creativity and innovation will always be key solutions to the system. This is only the beginning for cloud computing, with the incoming resources and improvements of infrastructure, the demand for Cloud Computing specialists will remain high in the job market.