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20 Advanced Facebook Tips for Lawyers

The number of law firm pages on Facebook has grown tremendously as more firms embrace the potential of this social platform. For those in the legal profession who aren’t active on social networks, here’s one word of advice—join. These advanced Facebook tips for lawyers can be highly effective at the following: Driving traffic to your […]

AdWords for Dentists: 7 Killer Tips to Boost Profits

A dentistry practice, like many other business services, has much to gain by implementing a Google AdWords pay-per-click campaign. Paid advertising is among the most direct and as a result most effective channels for marketing your product or service. One of the greatest benefits of Google AdWords is the fact that it’s measurable. Any online marketer will […]

Yelp—The Most Trusted Review Site for Law Firms

When you think of online reviews, the site Yelp may come to mind. With over 67 million local reviews, it’s become quite popular for everything from dining to auto repair. But did you know that it’s also highly revered for its reviews of law firms and legal practices? Using Yelp for lawyer reviews is somewhat […]

7 Smart Ways to Get Testimonials for Law Firms

Take a look at any successful law firm and what you’ll notice they all have a glowing reputation in common. There’s no doubt that having a strong track record contributes to this image, but prospective clients won’t have any notion of this unless you spell it out on your website. Testimonials for law firms and […]

Press Releases for Law Firm Marketing: The Complete Guide

A press release is a compelling way to deliver pressing legal news while simultaneously highlighting your law firm’s unique value proposition. Due to the regulations imposed on lawyers, however,  a firm must be careful with the type of information they share and the methods in which they do so. Press releases for law firm websites […]