Top 5 Strategies for Social Recruiting

Finding talent for an organization can be challenging. It’s not a “wait and see” game which has been the mistake of many employers. These top 5 strategies are capable of assisting a company in finding the best fit employee.

1. Utilize Social Media

It’s important to emphasize the advantages of social media for technical recruiters. Social media has become a new technique in finding top talent.
It has become significant to create  personal connections with potential candidates. Once companies initializes their social media sites, the company is highly advised to respond to inquires in a timely manner. Companies have to maintain the connection and continue to update/add information to their sites. Companies should share content and be involved with related community discussions. The sites need to stay current and reflect company culture in order to interest potential candidates. The company is meant to engage applicants and turn them into fans and eventually employees.

2. Constantly Monitor Analytics

Companies are to be sure where their targeted talent is coming from. Companies spend a massive amount of time on areas that aren’t reaching the indicated talent pool. It’s important to be informed of which sites and locations are harboring the company’s desired talent. Time spent on developing an in-depth understanding of the industry and demographics is the best use of time for social recruiting. Find social recruitment platforms that provide analytics to detect the most effective sources of hire. Keep making adjustments of the social platforms to receive the best ROI.

3. Feedback to Candidates

According to a CareerBuilder survey, 75% of applicants never receive a response after applying for a job.  This may not only makes the applicant resent the company, but also tarnishes the company brand. Engagement is extremely important. Even if the applicant is not selected for the position, companies should respond with the ultimate decision of the application. Companies are highly advised to make a feedback option available when it comes to social recruitment platforms. Applicants take time to fill out the application and submit documentation, feedback will leave the applicant with a better experience by receiving a individualized message from the company. The applicant will be more willing to apply again and possibly be better fitted for another position.

4. Show Company Environment

In order to entice applicants, it is helpful to show the company’s environment and culture. By promoting the company brand on social platforms, the applicant will generate interest and seek information. A suggested method is by inviting potential employees the chance to visit the office. The time spent does not have to be long, but enough time to help them envision working there. This can also excite applicants and allow the company to reflect it’s best attributes. Another strategy is posting a “day in the life” video. Companies have the option to create a professional video presenting the typical days spent in the office. This enables the potential candidate to become more informed of the company, allowing them to be better prepared for the interview.

5. Display flexible work options and training programs

If the position has any options of flexibility, it is key to highlight those aspects and set the company apart from competitors. Examples of flexible options would be “working from home” or if the company promotes a  ”results only” work environment. A “results only” company is one that pays employees based on output rather than hours worked. Companies should also relay training programs in special offices. It can be highly attractive for employees to receive training in an updated technical facility. Companies should showcase their best training programs and office space. Applicants appreciate appealing locations and the idea of being well-trained. Applicants can then understand what to expect if accepted for employment.

6. The Overall Idea of Social Recruiting Strategies

Companies are highly advised to optimize these 5 strategies for social recruiting. These top 5 strategies will assist in improving a company’s current recruiting efforts and efficiently find talent that best matches their needs. The ideal situation is to make potential applicants become fans of the company by utilizing social media and personal connections.  Then fans will eventually turn into dedicated employees.