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Link Building For Lawyers Through Clients & Local Events


Inbound link building, an effective strategy for ranking  your website on search engines like Google, is often a time consuming and challenging endeavor. For attorneys, however, this strategy can have a tremendous impact on the number of clients who come through your practice and your online visibility in general. Low and behold, all these factors ultimately impact your bottom line. In this post we’ll explore the in’s and out’s of link building for lawyers in terms of using clients and local events to boost your practice.

Annual Conferences or Speaking Opportunities

Are you an expert in your field that’s recently spoken at a conference, college, or other local event? Legal associations frequently host conferences and invite experts to share their knowledge on a particular topic, whether it be immigration, intellectual property law, technology law, etc. If you’ve attended one of these paid conferences and been chosen as a presenter, it’s your responsibility to make sure you’re on their calendar of speakers/events and provide your introductory bio with a link to your website. 

Out of the loop in regards to lawyer conferences? 

They have a variety of games and good bonuses. THEY WILL GIVE YOU FREE SPINS THAT ARE NOT EVEN CASHABLE! Eligible guests are encouraged to sign up for a free Access Card created by Nimbus Disability source. Even though it’s not the most varied, it still has a lot more games to offer than collections from some other providers.

The American Bar Association (ABA) has a page dedicated to lawyers conference. Your legal niche should also have a number of conference opportunities. For example, if you practice immigration law, has its own conference page. 

link building for lawyers

Take Advantage of Local Networking Events

Link building for lawyers becomes much simpler when you think of it from the perspective, “how can i take advantage of the opportunities I’m already involved in?” For instance, most lawyers take part in networking events, legal social gatherings and other events oriented around growing their law firm. Well, the organizations that host these events undoubtedly websites and these websites are prime real  estate for links!

To begin the process, contact the web administrators of these websites and find out if they publish participant pages, event recaps or other pages dedicated to acknowledging their participants. What’s more, many of these organizations (i.e., local chambers of commerce) are highly ranked pages which means if you can get your law firm website on it that’s better link juice for your site.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Drawing off a point briefly addressed in the last paragraph, sponsorship opportunities for these events are a great strategy for getting links. As is the case with the Lawyernomics 2016 by Avvo conference there are varying tiers of sponsorship (Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc.) so depending on your allotted marketing budget you can select the level that suits your needs. If possible, be sure that these sponsorship links are not “no-follow”

link building for law firms sponsors

Scholarships from Local Universities

Universities and college offer many valuable ways to indirectly get get links for your law firm. Offering a scholarship is one of these methods and relatively simple in the grand scheme of things. The obviously require an initial investment which can be as low as a few hundred dollars up to thousands, depending on your budget. The benefit of having your law firm scholarship promoted on the Universities’s website is that links on .edu sites are considered more authoritative in the eyes of search engines which could give you a nice boost.

Publish this Scholarship on Your own Website 

It’s important to promote this on your own site and direct it to the .edu page.

Attorney-Specific Forums & Expert Contributions

Online forums that are attorney-specific or that attract experts in the field are the last place we’ll mention in this post. If the platform allows you to publish articles on a frequent basis or answer Question & Answer sessions than this is valuable territory to not only provide information but get a link. Lawyers that are on Avvo, for example, can contribute articles, advice and answer questions that prospective clients submit.


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Final Link Building for Lawyers Tips

When scouring the web to find link building for lawyer opportunities, try to avoid sites that have no page rank, no indexed pages, a weak domain authority or those that look “spammy”. All of the aforementioned opportunities are valuable in terms of link building for lawyers and law firms. In some instances, you should be cautious of the sites that publish your website’s URL because it could have negative repercussions if the site is not considered reputable by search Google. In any case, it’s best to have your digital marketing efforts handled by a team of SEO and marketing experts.

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