15 Clever Tips for the Best Attorney Website Bio

A firm’s attorney website bio page receives a considerable amount of attention from prospective clients. A study facilitated by LexisNexis even concluded that as much as 85% of law firms see the most traffic on this page which is to be expected if visitors are seriously considering your services. That’s not the only reason, however, to enhance your page. Establishing a credible online presence is also crucial in advancing and growing your law practice.   Read more

Press Releases for Law Firm Marketing: The Complete Guide

A press release is a compelling way to deliver pressing legal news while simultaneously highlighting your law firm’s unique value proposition. Due to the regulations imposed on lawyers, however,  a firm must be careful with the type of information they share and the methods in which they do so. Press releases for law firm websites can offer many advantages, if written correctly.

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Debunking mobile myths

Top 8 Mobile Myths Holding you back

In the new and complex world of apps, mobile myths have stood out since the beginning. Like any myth, mobile myths often restrict app developers from utilizing their full potential. Before you begin creating your app, take a look at these mobile myths and begin creating the best app for your business. Read more

Mobile UX Design Best Practices

Best Practices for Mobile UX Design

When you build a mobile app with a beautiful intuitive user experience (UX) design, more users will utilize your features, which will ultimately lead to more revenue generated by your app. Mobile Apps with a wide variety of UX design are consistently on the rise as technology matures. But what makes a mobile UX design successful? Read more


Top 5 Strategies for Social Recruiting

Finding talent for an organization can be challenging. It’s not a “wait and see” game which has been the mistake of many employers. These top 5 strategies are capable of assisting a company in finding the best fit employee.

1. Utilize Social Media

It’s important to emphasize the advantages of social media for technical recruiters. Social media has become a new technique in finding top talent. Read more