Infobay Systems consultants are expected to possess superior technical and business skills in order to carry out the operational tasks required for client projects. To select these talented consultants, Infobay Systems recruiters search for the most qualified candidates by evaluating their skills, experience, education, certifications and personality fit. Through various screenings and interviews, we select highly-skilled candidates who can meet client standards and expectations. The Infobay Systems’ workforce provides quality products and delivers exceptional service. Each client is very important to the company and Infobay Systems wishes that each project be held with special care. Potential candidates must uphold this goal and give our clients the best possible service. The potential candidate must be capable of working with the latest technology and ensure the confidentially of the company and its clients. At Infobay Systems, we certify a secure and reliable service. It is up to our employees to protect these qualities and better current business relationships.

Our IT Recruiting Process:

  • Infobay Systems selects candidates from our consultant database and referral program. The company seeks potential candidates from specific technical networking events, jobs fairs, and partner software companies.
  • Before candidates have officially joined the company, Infobay Systems thoroughly screens background information and conducts personal interviews with the candidate. Infobay Systems communicates with candidate’s references and previous employers. If there is any discredit from the candidate’s references or previous employers, Infobay Systems will terminate the hiring process for that individual.
  • If the candidate is hired, the company monitors and evaluates the performance of the new consultant. This is to verify that the employee maintains company and client approval. Infobay Systems management provides constant feedback and assistance during this stage of the hiring process.
  • If the consultant prospers, the company will continue to enhance the relationship over time to preserve a successful talent pool.

The hiring process at Infobay Systems can cover an extensive period of time; however, the purpose is to verify that the new consultants can succeed within the company environment and also produce a quality product for our clients. The company focuses on creating a perfect match for the consultant, client, and company.

The Ideal Candidate Must Have:

  • The interest and technical requirements matched for the client’s special assignment.
  • The determination to exceed customer expectations.
  • Positive feedback from previous employers and clients.
  • An established record among the professional community.
  • Willingness to adhere to Infobay Systems policies and standards.

Infobay Systems recruiters have an in-depth knowledge of the professional community and clientele expectations. Our IT recruiting approach allows the company to hire qualified individuals in a precise efficiency. Infobay Systems also wishes new hires to be fully satisfied within the company. The company seeks to provide various opportunities for consultants to increase their individual skill-set. Infobay Systems is dedicated to maintaining long-term relationships with consultants to defend the reputation of the company. Success will be determined on the quality of service, client feedback, and evidence of adaptation in the company structure.

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